Excellence requires mastery of the essentials.


We take the highest hurdle first: we help you be(come) a thought-leader who provides first-mover advantage by creating unique insights in your targeted markets. Insight-led selling & Challenger Sale live or die by the quality of your insight development. Without a proper insights engine, sales & marketing organisations fall back into solution selling, or worse, promoting me-too products and services. What unique perspectives do you bring to your clients? 

Secondly, we coach the management of premium account relationships. People buy from people. We ride along with your sales team members, facilitating account plannings on-site. Challenge them to build a concise agenda.

Meet with them beforehand to talk strategy and afterward to debrief: Who is in the power-base? What are the politics in the account? Who are the mobilizers that will champion internally the project? Which competitors are in the deal placing it at risk, the biggest of which is usually „do nothing“?

Thirdly, we do so by using radically practical tools that create an easy and inexpensive overlay on your existing sales methodologies and CRM. Whether your sales people use SPIN, TAS, Solution, Strategic or Challenger Selling, we simplify into something that they can always remember no matter how much pressure in their sales situation. What advances in the buying journey do you engineer to win the deal?

We help you coach quarterly business reviews, design workshops to whiteboard key insights your marketing campaigns must convey, and train the adaptive competences required for sales excellence: questioning, critical and creative thinking, communicating. We also help sales people leverage social media to make real world interaction more meaningful. We assist in building pipeline and winning premium deals. 

We consult, design and coach in building pipeline and winning premium deals. Simple as that.