Who are the people? Why the name?


Pococomún is Spanish and means ‚uncommon (sense)‘. Unconventional. Rare. We believe that bringing unique, innovative business perspectives that challenge conventional thinking, provides a first-mover advantage in your customers’ experience. It is also a differentiator that makes you stand apart. As such it drives premium pricing and revenue as opposed to margin erosion of me-too products and services. In Challenger Sale, this is called Insight. Our purpose is to enable true insight-led, prescriptive selling in complex B2B environments.

In this era of hyper-competition and non-stop disruption, we outperform, outsmart and outrun competition by focusing on few customers. Average is not an option in the desert. Therefore it should come a no surprise that we have chosen the ‚houbara bustard‘ as our logo, a bird found in arid habitats spread across the western part of the Sahara desert and the Canary Islands.  Like its American counterpart Beep Beep in Chuck Jones’ cartoons, ‚the Roadrunner‘ is the personification of today’s unique performer in the toughest of surroundings.

We’re a distributed company, founded in 2015. That means all our consultants are remote workers specialized in their fields, operating internationally from locations such as Frankfurt, Oslo, Paris and London. Our only offices are on the Canary Islands, Arrecife, Lanzarote. 

More and more start-ups and remote employees are finding their way to the Canary islands. In tomorrow’s digitally transformed open space, it are no longer companies with the best established brand, the most locations and people, or the biggest advertising muscle, that are top of the food chain. 

Our resources are scarce but top of their game. And so we put scalability in the hands of our customers, enable them, give them ownership.  We redefine new ways to engage with talent and to organise client resources in the collaborative economy that is the work of the future. 

By executing new and visionary approaches to value creation, to people development and to redefining growth, PocoComún consulting inspires its customers, partners and employees.