Dirk Duden 

Founder and Managing Director



Dirk is a senior consultant in Insight-led Innovation & Strategy,  and Associate Professor at IE School of Human Sciences and Technology in Madrid, with over 25 years of training and corporate experience.


Prior to founding consultancy firm Poco común (2015), he’s been CLO (Chief Learning Officer) at TERADATA (a data analytics company) where he implemented one of the first Challenger training curricula for 1'200 associates.

Before that, Dirk was Group President Sales at ANDREW in Chicago (telecom infrastructure) leading a global salesforce of 420 account executives and growing revenues to over 1bi$.  He knows complex B2B selling from the field as well as from an executive leadership role.



Prior to his business career, Dirk served as a pilot in the air force. Against the backdrop of his military experience,  he became an instructor in strategy and leadership. Since then he has worked with midsize and large enterprises across industries and geographies, helping them develop insight-based Go-to-Market strategies. 



Dirk holds several Master Trainer Certifications in sales leadership (Xerox, AchieveGlobal, Huthwaite, ATD) and speaks four languages; he is internationally renowned as an authentic voice with deep expertise in the innovative sale. Dirk lives in Frankfurt, Germany, and on Lanzarote, Canary Islands.