Why do people stop doing what they do? 


When it gets too complicated. That goes for relationships as it goes for business, or life in general. We like to have it frictionless. Make it smooth and easy. Enterprise selling or buying has become too complicated. And if you are to compete against AI robots you won’t succeed by more knowledge, but by your human capacity of making things as simple as possible, and by your soft skills. 

In fact, the much-discussed “digital transformation” is really just getting started. It certainly can’t be stopped. The further our society digitally transforms, the greater the need for humanization. 


„Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication“

(< Leonardo da Vinci) 

What are the business implications of the massive number of changes we all have to undergo? The number of people involved in B2B solution purchases has climbed to an average of 6.8. The store of global knowledge doubles every 12 months. This constant information overload and the greater choice of options make it difficult to distinguish real from fake. 

Knowledge workers spend about 80% of their work time communicating or collaborating through emails, meetings, chat, and messenger, and they’re interrupted every 3-5 minutes. As a result, not much time remains to do deep work. People get stuck in open-ended learning loops, stressed and uncertain. Despite our efforts for customer centricity, clients have become more paralyzed than empowered. Decision making gets bogged down or halted. HELP?

Less is more. We’re an A-Team ‚boutique‘ consultancy who help medium-sized, international sales organizations make it easier for their customers to buy. Our interventions call for a return to the fundamentals. In sales, three essentials stand out: be a thought-leader who provides first-mover advantage by insight-led conversations; manage your strategic account relationships; and lastly, execute a prescriptive simple sales process.

Simple basics? Why not pair sales down to its essence: Having an intelligent dialogue with the right people about the right topics at the right time, and building trusted advisor relationships. We discuss far too much about GDPR.

We should talk more about how Trust, Identity and Value Creation are at the center of all consulting, sales excellence and inspiration. 

That’s what we do and who we are.

Nobody cares how much you know until they know how much you care.